"That thing which I understand by real art is the expression by man of his pleasure in labour."


                                                                                 —William Morris


Essays in the Air is an archive of many pieces of work completed over the past ten years; from art criticism to travel writing. It is intended to provoke the question ‘What is the difference between critical and creative forms of analytical thinking and productivity?’ and deliberately adopts a playful and irreverent approach to voice, form & style.


Approaching many different sorts of topics and issues within the domain of cultural studies & the humanities, Essays in the Air embraces a vigorously interdisciplinary approach, transiting across the fields of literary criticism, art history and creative writing.

Nature and art[ifice] is one of the master-themes of Essays in the Air. So too, as you can see from my writing on art – is that space between image and text, that Barthes was so fond of. As these essays unravel onto cyber space, I hope these concerns will become clear.  My ‘Short Stories’ page is the forum for works of fiction that are rooted in particular historical moments. For a fuller explanation of the work on this site please visit my ‘About’ page.


Please take your time to explore the site and its contents. I welcome feedback, so do get in touch if you are interested in getting involved in this project or wish to make a comment.

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Essays in the Air

A Miscellany of Critical & Creative Writing

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