Short Stories


Monsieur Vallier

An extract from a short story focussing on one of the imagined final portrait commissions executed by the great post-Impression painter Paul Cézanne.

Yellow Cephalaria

'Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.' This short story examines the curious career of the brilliant school teacher Karl Blossfeldt, whose eerie biological photography won him international renown.


The Pink Bedroom

In fin-de-siècle Paris a young master begins work on a series of paintings that are destined to change his life, and that of a young seamstress - Bethany's - forever. This story explores the extraordinary visual offerings of the young Paul Vuillard and the complexities of his most beloved subject - the domestic interior.


The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a story about the fascinating legacy of Leopold Blaschka - a Bohemian glass-artist. The tale is set on a mid-Atlantic voyage where an unexpected becalming forces Blaschka into a dramatic confrontation with his past and the world of marine science, prompting important realisations about his future. In this extract Blaschka discusses love and some of life's more abstract questions with a fellow passenger, Father Gerotte.